The Standing Out Podcast!

Introducing The Standing Out Podcast

August 16, 2020 Jon Whycer Season 1 Episode 1
The Standing Out Podcast!
Introducing The Standing Out Podcast
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Welcome to this trailer introducing the new Standing Out podcast, for small businesses and organisations and solo business people and professionals, intended to give you an edge and help you stand out from the competition.

Hello, this is Jon W. And I'd like to invite you to join me on a special journey. We're heading for a place where your business, your organization, or you yourself, can stand out more and create more of the right kind of impact. 
So if the possibility appeals to you of learning some things that could help you attract more of the right kind of clients or customers, then this podcast series is meant for you. 
And let's face it, to compete, to thrive and to achieve our aims in the Business and Professional landscape of 2020. and beyond. Well, we're really going to need to stand out and be noticed and to create the best possible impression.
 And as we all continue navigating the world of business, the COVID virus is going to continue influencing economic and social activity, probably for some time to come. 
So whatever position your businesses in right now And wherever you're located, and whether you're reemerging from a lockdown, or you're struggling, or you're going strong or even starting up, I guess you're keen to move forward as strongly as possible. 
And even though the landscape may have changed, there's always going to be competition for you on the horizon. And that means you need to stand out to do well now and in the future. But what does it take to stand out well, and how do you do that if you're a small business or a solo business person, or professional, and on a tight budget? 
Well, I'm offering you this podcast with the hope that you discover new and better ways to stand out and strengthen your business results.
So the first full episode's going to air on Wednesday the 26th of August. And to begin with, we will explore why 'standing out' isn't the same as 'being outstanding', and why branding is about so much more than just having a cool logo, and why proper branding is important for the smallest business as well as a big one. And we're also going to look at why video has become such an important tool for standing out and what makes it so powerful. 
And that's episode one.
 So come and join me as we explore together how we can make our businesses and ourselves stand out, with new episodes every two weeks. You'll find the podcast and other information on our website at '' and I look forward to meeting you there very soon.