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How To Stand Out In Business Networking

October 07, 2020 Jon Whycer Season 1 Episode 5
The Standing Out Podcast!
How To Stand Out In Business Networking
Show Notes

Business networking, in all its various forms, is one of the most important development activities people in business can undertake. That well-known saying, "It's not what you know but who you know", comes to mind.

Whether self-employed, a business owner, entrepreneur or employee, the network of contacts we develop and the relationships we form with other business people are vital on so many levels.

In this episode our guest Stef Thomas, a leading authority on business networking, best-selling author and international speaker on the subject, discusses how to network effectively. Among the many things he covers are:

  • Why networking is extremely important for employees too - particularly now
  • The different forms of networking
  • The difference between business networking and selling
  • How to make networking events work better
  • The differences in networking organisations and groups
  • The importance of following up
  • Social media and networking

Coming from his own 15-plus years of business networking, Stef share may useful insights, hints and tips to help you get more out of business networking - or get into it in the first place.
Stef's contact details can be found on the Standing Out Podcast website