The Standing Out Podcast!

How Businesses Can Close The 'Introvert Productivity Gap'...

November 18, 2020 Jon Whycer / Jon Baker Season 1 Episode 8
The Standing Out Podcast!
How Businesses Can Close The 'Introvert Productivity Gap'...
Show Notes

...and introverts can thrive in an extrovert business world
   The western social and business models are largely oriented towards extrovert personality types, which means that it can present challenges to those who have a more introvert personality.

   At the same time both terms, ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ are often not properly understood and common stereotypes and assumptions are common. But this podcast is not just for ‘introverts’ – ‘extroverts' (and everyone in between) – can discover a lot that will be useful both in business and social life.

   In business, misunderstanding introverts often leads to what my guest, Jon Baker, terms the ‘introvert productivity gap’ – which is not good for business or individuals. Whether you’re a business owner, a manager, an employee or self-employed, an introvert or an extrovert, understanding each other and ourselves better can lead to much happier and more positive outcomes. And better business.

   In this fascinating and informative episode, we explore a wide range of topics including:

  • Understanding what really characterises ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ personality types
  • Myths and misunderstandings about introvert personalities
  • Strengths of introvert personalities (extroverts don't have it all!)
  • How our society and many working environments are designed for extroverts and why that matters
  • What the ‘introvert productivity gap’ is
  • How company cultures can make it more difficult for introverts to play an effective part
  • How introvert employees can cope in an extrovert working environment
  • Ways in which an extrovert manager can support an introvert employee's confidence and productivity
  • Social media and introverts
  • Business networking and introverts

…and more besides

   So whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, somewhere in between or not sure, you can be sure to discover much that will be of interest and value in this episode. 

   If you want to contact Jon you can find his details on the StandingOut website via this link: