The Standing Out Podcast!

Finding Business Success In 2021

January 13, 2021 Jon Whycer with Olivier Carion Season 2 Episode 10
The Standing Out Podcast!
Finding Business Success In 2021
Show Notes

We're back - and into the start of a year possibly unlike any that most of us in business or employment have seen before. We're still in the middle of the Covid pandemic and, here in the UK and other parts of the world, beset by government restrictions and regulations that have caused and continue to cause massive damage to the economy. And for the UK there's also been Brexit.

  Business as usual it isn't - and what will emerge from all the damage in the future is probably going to look and feel rather different. 

  Into this changed and changing landscape we all step, whether we're owners of businesses that have survived or been brought down, self-employed, or unemployed (or soon to be).

  Whether you're optimistic or pessimistic once thing we can be sure of is continuing uncertainty for quite a while. And that's a condition that can be a real inhibitor to making business decisions.

  It's also predicted that there will be an increase in new business start-ups and self-employment. But what are the prerequisites for success - and how best to position yourself and your business or business idea to give yourself a good chance of making that happen?

  In this new episode, kicking off 2021, we take a look at the changed landscape we need to navigate. We consider how existing businesses can move forward, discuss essential guidance for anyone thinking of starting something new, and the aspects of mindset and mental fitness that can help or hinder success - and more.

To discuss these topics of real importance for the year ahead I'm joined by a special guest with an extensive business background. With past successful experience both as a business owner and senior corporate manager, today Olivier Carion is a leading coach and mentor internationally to many different business people, in a diversity of business types and from small to large.

With his down-to-earth and practical approach born of experience, I'm sure you'll find a lot to interest you and much to think about.