The Standing Out Podcast!

Discovering The Secrets Of Attracting Attention On LinkedIn

February 10, 2021 Jon Whycer with Mac Laubscher Season 2 Episode 12
The Standing Out Podcast!
Discovering The Secrets Of Attracting Attention On LinkedIn
Show Notes

The business-focused social networking platform LinkedIn currently had some 760 million users world-wide, of whom around 260 million are active monthly. Of these monthly active members about 40% log in daily.

If you’re one of the 40% you may be among the many who are not getting much in the way of results or contribution to your business. Your posts may be getting limited views, few reactions and rare comments. Maybe you’re gamely plodding on, although frustrated and disappointed.

I must confess that I was one of the ‘gamely plodding on’ – and then I was introduced to Mac Laubscher not long ago. Mac is unquestionably a professional expert on how to make LinkedIn work, with huge knowledge and experience.

Mac’s initial advice to me revealed just how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Not only that, but by implementing just some of the practical things he told me, my results on LinkedIn were seriously transformed. That being the case I knew I just had to invite Mac to guest on the podcast and share some of what he knows. So here he is!

In this episode some the things we cover include:

  • What Mac did to become so knowledgeable
  • How LinkedIn fits in the world of social media for business
  • The mistakes most people make – and what to do instead
  • The most important things users need to do
  • Whether it’s possible to stand out on LinkedIn
  • What’s important in your user profile
  • When to post and how often
  • LinkedIn’s chargeable options like LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Groups on LinkedIn
  • What the Linked in algorithm likes and doesn’t like
  • How to deal with contact requests
  • How to manage a lot of contacts
  • How Mac works as a professional LinkedIn educator

Whether you’ve been a user for some time or you’re new to LinkedIn you’ll find much of interest and practical value. Also, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Mac’s enthusiasm as well as his knowledge and advice. Be sure to have pen and paper ready to take notes!

You can find Mac's contact details on the Interview Guests page of the website and, of course, you can find Mac on LinkedIn.