The Standing Out Podcast!

‘How I Picked Myself Up After Falling Down On The Job’

February 24, 2021 Jon Whycer Season 2 Episode 13
The Standing Out Podcast!
‘How I Picked Myself Up After Falling Down On The Job’
Show Notes

In this episode, we look at a different kind of working life. 

For most of us, getting up in the morning, getting ready and then either travelling to work or working at home isn’t such a big deal. 

But what if you started feeling things, worryingly, weren’t right physically? You begin to experience unnatural fatigue; your balance is shaky; there are falls…

My guest in this episode, Patrick Burke, literally found himself ‘falling down on the job’ some years ago. 

It ended up with him being medically retired and having to deal with a condition called Multiple Sclerosis. A condition that affects over 110,000 people in the UK, with some 5,200 new cases being diagnosed annually.

However, Patrick is not someone you can keep down for long! 

In our conversation, you’ll discover how Patrick deals practically with the physical effects of MS, but more importantly how he has built an extremely active – if different - working life.

It’s about attitude and determination and how to approach the sometimes major challenges that life can unexpectedly throw in our way.

In the UK there are some 14.1 million disabled people and 19% of working age adults live with some kind of disability. There were more than 4.1 million disabled people in work before the pandemic started to affect the economy in 2020.