The Standing Out Podcast!

‘Excuse me – do you mind if we have a word…?’

March 24, 2021 Jon Whycer with Melanie Silver Season 2 Episode 15
The Standing Out Podcast!
‘Excuse me – do you mind if we have a word…?’
Show Notes

"Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs."

This quote by Pearl Strachan Heard (1930s British politician) sets the scene for this Standing Out podcast

Words are everywhere – including this LinkedIn post. Spoken, written, printed, online, offline – what would we do without them!

More important is what we, business people and professionals of all kinds, do with them.

Words are essential for getting our messages across, for informing and educating our target audience. But getting those words right, making them effective, attractive and compelling is a skill not all of us have.

In this new episode, I’m in conversation with award-winning copywriter Melanie Silver. You’ll find lots of great advice that you can use to improve your own writing skills including:

  • The difference between content writing and copywriting
  • How to use 'active voice'
  • Why the quality of words matters
  • What type of language to aim for
  • Why readability is important
  • How to use grammar sensibly
  • What is meant by 'voice'
  • Why layout makes a difference
  • How long is too long
  • Headlines that attract
  • How to approach a writing project
  • Calls to action

With some 25 years of experience and a number of awards, Melanie certainly knows her way around words. You can find her contact details on the Podcast Guests page here on the website.